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Conservation & livelihoods
TITLI TRUST actively supports conservation  and livelihood programs in the Himalayas. Active projects include Devalsari, Pawalgarh, Naina Devi and Munsiari in Uttarakhand,Eaglenest and Pakke in Arunachal Pradesh, Garo Hills in Meghalaya and Zunheboto District, Nagaland (supporting TERI). Titli Tust also supports Nagaland Wildlife & Biodiversity Conservation Trust in its education and livelihood program in its effort to save the Amur Falcons in Wokha District, Nagaland.

Citizen Science
TITLI is involved in numerous citizen science programs. Along with Nature Science Initiatitve, it has started the Doon Nature Walks, a citizen science initiative to get Doon citizens interested and aware of its city's biodiversity and to come together to save it. TITLI partners with Indian Foundation of Butterflies in supporting/editing numerous biodiversity website such as Moths of India and Butterflies of India.

Faunal Surveys
TITLI undertakes to conduct faunal surveys and bio-diversity assessments for birds, butterflies, moths and herpetofauna. These surveys can be used to understand an area's bio-diversity, to initiate eco-tourism, to conduct nature awareness programs.

TITLI does not conduct any tours. However, it can assist in starting eco-tourism in landscapes where conservation action supports eco-tourism. TITLI strongly believes that eco-tourism  needs to be equitable, sustainable and eco-friendly. Hence the involvement of a local group or community is essential to have as a stakeholder and the benefits of eco-tourism must flow to the local community.

In addition, eco-tourism must NOT impact the area's bio-diversity. If you agree with this philosophy, and need assistance to start eco-tourism, call us at TITLI and we can assist.

Education and Outreach
TITLI is regularly involved in education and outreach programs in the landscapes that it works in.

Scohool nature clubs
TITLI conducts conservation education and supports nature clubs in schools such as Purukul Youth Development Society, Welham Boys School and Rosemount Shcool, Dehradun.

Popular writing
Sanjay Sondhi and Anchal Sondhi regularly write on nature in newspapers and magazine. Sanjay's nature column in the Dehradun City Edition of Hindustan Times appears weekly, and has been running since Dec 2008.

Publications and books
TITLI has supported popular publications, books and technical papers on natural history.