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Created by Yash Sondhi
Fun with nature: Ask TITLI

Our interest in natural history began in urban gardens! Watching the bird tweet at our windows, the butterfly flit by gracefully and bees buzzing in our ears! Sanjay Sondhi, Anchal Sondhi and their son, Yash Sondhi, are amateur naturalists with no formal scientific training. It is their belief that there is a amateur naturalist in everyone; hidden, waiting to be prodded and to come alive!

In order to wake up the hidden naturalist in you, make full use of the "Ask TITLI" section. Have you seen something in your garden that has left you with a question.

Do you wonder why the bees buzz?

Do want know why frogs only appear during the rains?

Have you taken a photograph and want to identify the creature?
Do you want to study moths as part of your school project and want to figure out how to do so?

Do you want to raise caterpillars in your home?
What are those winged insects that cloud the sky just before monsoons begin?

A whole bunch of fun experiments with nature for children are mentioned on this page.
Have fun and get close to nature as youdo so!

For all your questions about nature in India, "Ask TITLI" at titlitrust@gmail.com, and we shall attempt to answer your questions.
Fun with nature

Wanna have fun with nature. Here is a whole bunch of fun experiments with nature that children and grown ups can do in your own garden.

How can I rear butterflies at home?

How can I make out the difference between a butterfly and a moth?

Can I raise tadpoles to become frogs in my home?

How can I watch moths at home?

I want to go on nature walks. How should I begin?

Watch out for more "Fun with Nature" with time to come. 

Fun with Books

Ever wondered what books you should you should read. well here is a list of books on Indian flora and fauna, with a short overview of the book's contents
Click here to see the book listing.