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Created by Yash Sondhi

Urban Nature Watch : TerraGreen

Urban Nature Watch is a column written by Sanjay Sondhi, published
 in TERI 's monthly magazine, TerraGreen. Nature's wonders are all
around us-in our homes , in gardens, even in our bathrooms! If only
we care to look. Urban Nature Watch is all about bringing alive the
sights and sounds of nature in your city.
1) From Cats to winged Fairies Jan 2010

2) The antics of the fan-throated lizard Feb 2010
3) An Encounter with the Wall Creeper Mar 10

4 )The Captivating Coral Tree Apr 10

5) Snakes-to loathe or not to loathe May 10

6) Pop Goes the Weasel Jun 10
7) Mating of the Toad July 2010

8) The Foxtail Orchid Aug 2010
9) The mysterious world of moth Sep 2010
10) Beautiful Bugs and Beetles Aug 2010
Predator on the prowl Nov 2010
12) Common Wandere the intriguing mimic Dec 2010