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Titli Trust, with financial support from ONGC, is supporting a community eco-tourism development project at Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve.

Pawalgarh-a snapshot
Where it is located: Nainital District, Uttarakhand.
Area: 58.25 sq. km
Altitude: 300 to 700 m asl

Pawalgarh's wildlife
Pawalgarh is home to more than 365 species of birds, making it a birding haven. Unlike Corbett National Park, you walk the trails at Pawalgarh,  listen to the bird calls, photograph them...all on foot. With 32 species of mammals, more than 125 species of butterflies, and more moths than you count, Pawalgarh is a wildlife paradise!

Pawalgarh Prakrati Prahari
Pawalgarh Prakrati Prahari, a local youth group (www.pawalgarh.org) offers nature tours, rural-based homestays and program for schools and institutions. Trained nature guides have undergone more than 60 mandays of training from experts.

Find out more about PPP's main offerings from their website...www.pawalgarh.org

PPP Nature tours with expert guides.

PPP Rural Homestays.

Programs for schools and institutions.

For more information write into

Sanjay Sondhi at sanjay.sondhi1@gmail.com at Titli Trust or

Visit the PPP website at www.pawalgarh.org

or email them at ppphomestays@gmail.com 
or call at +91 5947 286062/+91 9458923898