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TITLI does not conduct any tours. However, it can assist in starting eco-tourism in landscapes where conservation action supports eco-tourism. TITLI strongly believes that eco-tourism  needs to be equitable, sustainable and eco-friendly. Hence the involvement of a local group or community is essential to have as a stakeholder and the benefits of eco-tourism must flow to the local community.
In addition, eco-tourism must NOT impact the area's bio-diversity. If you agree with this philosophy, and need assistance to start eco-tourism, call us at TITLI and we can assist.

Eco-tourism in the Garo Hills in Meghalaya
TITLI is supporting the local communites at Karwani and Siju to continue eco-tourismin in South Garo Hills, Meghalaya. Sanjay Sondhi, is involved in researching the area's bio-diversity, specifically birds, butterflies and herpetofauna and is the anchor in assisting eco-tourism ventures by the local community . Faunal surveys in the Garo hills have revealed 270 bird species, 350 butterfly species, 500 moth species  and 60 species of amphibians and reptiles. Obviously, many more remain to be discovered, and this is where you come in!

Explore the marvelous fauna of the area by planning a great nature holiday in Meghalaya.

Eco-tourism at Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary
Titli Trust supports the Bugun Welfare Society to conduct butterfly and moth tours at Eaglenest WLS. The first such tour was successully conducted in Oct 2012. Eaglenest is home to more than 185 species of butterflies, with more than 39 of them being protected under the Schedule I, II or IV of the Wildlife Protection (Act), 1972. Two butterfly species the Tibetan Brimstone Gonepteryx amintha thibetana and Ludlow's Bhutan Glory Bhutanitis ludlowi have been recorded for the first time in India at Eaglenest. Check out more about Eaglenest here.

Catalogues of Butterflies and Moths of Eaglenest are available. Check these out at..

Eco-tourism at Pakke Tiger Reserve
Titli Trust supports the Ghora Aabhey Society and Pakke Jungle Camp to conduct nature tourism at Pakke. More than 327 species of butterflies have been recorded from Pakke and its surrounding areas. A book titled "Butterflies and Moths of Pakke Tiger Reserve" " has been published by Titli Trust to support eco-tourism at Pakke.