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Created by Yash Sondhi


The TITLI TRUST is a registered non-profit NGO established with the purpose of conserving nature and protecting the environment. Established in 2009, the trust's name TITLI (which means butterfly in Hindi) is selected as it embodies all that is symbolic of nature-free, beautiful, enchanting, mysterious. Yet, it precisely these attributes that are threatened by mankind-unbridled development, with no thought for the strain on Mother Earth's resources, decades of "over-consumption", pollution of air, water and soil, spouting gases into the atmosphere resulting in global warming that might even threaten the existence of humankind.
Despite all of this and more, it is our unstinting belief that earth can and will be saved, provided, every human on earth chooses to do so, stands up to be counted and makes a difference. TITLI is our attempt to do so.
The Trust's objectives are outlined underneath:

Conservation Education: Create awareness on the need to develop and grow in a sustainable manner. Given the significant changes imposed on the earth on account of global warming/climate change, unbridled development and unconstrained pollution of air, water and soil, it is essential for humankind to find ways of growing in a sustainable fashion. TITLI shall strive to create an awareness of the need to protect our natural habitats and environment. In an ongoing manner, TITLI shall strive to bring about the necessary changes in lifestyles of people to support the goal of sustainable use of the earth's resources. 

While conservation education is serious work, TITLI shall endeavour to ensure that being associated with nature is pleasurable and fun!

Conservation Research: To contribute to the fund of human knowledge in the field of ecology, environment and conservation, by promoting the collection of natural history data. Recognizing that expert amateurs have carried out much of the natural history data collection in this country, as in the rest of the world, TITLI shall strive to encourage and inculcate field natural history skills   amongst the general public.

Conservation Action: TITLI shall endeavour to support grass root conservation action inside and outside protected areas.
These actions include working with local communities to protect flora and fauna, support them in harnessing alternate sustainable, eco-friendly livelihood options such as eco-tourism and address human-wildlife conflicts in an equitable fashion.

In its attempt to achieve these objectives TITLI shall actively cooperate with other like-minded organisations.

TITLI  will endeavour that eco-friendly, sustainability and equity are at the core of all the work that the TRUST does.