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Created by Yash Sondhi

Doon Nature Walks is a citizen science initiative by Titli Trust ( www.titlitrust.org ), Nature Science Initiative (http:// naturescienceinitiative.org/ ) and other nature enthusiasts from Dehradun, supported by the Ecotourism Wing of the Uttarakhand Forest Department.

The nature walks include watching birds, butterflies, moths, spiders, trees and other flora and fauna during day and night nature walks, assisted by experts in their fields. The purpose of these walks to create an increased appreciation of nature in Dehradun amongst Doonites and eventually, leading to the involvement of ordinary citizens in local conservation education, awareness and action.


It has 1,500 members on Facebook and an active 175 member WhatsApp group.


To join the Doon Nature Walks, WhatsApp your number to
+91 9412052189, +91 94123448345, +91 9837246264