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Magnificent deodar forests...
The Nag Tibba peak looming in the background...
Songs of the birds...
Winding Himalayan rivulets...
Experience nature's silence...away from the maddening urban crowds....

Devalsari, tucked away in the Aglar Valley, in Tehri Garhwal District, the home of the Jaunpuri's. The snow-capped peaks of the Mahabharat range in the Middle Himalayas, looming in the distance, marvelous deodar, oak and rhododendron forest, surrounded by terrace fields of Bangsil, Mauldhar, Udarsu and Naogaon villages. The Pali Gad stream flows through Bangsil into the Aglar River, winding its way through a forest landscape with altitudes varying from 1,200 m at Thatyur up to 3,048 m at Nag Tibba, the highest peak in the area. The Shiva Temple at Devalsari, is said to have been built in the 1800's, is surround by tall deodar trees.

Altitude: 1,200 up to 3,048 m
Habitat: Reserved Forests of Devalsari and Magra. The forest consists of primarily chir at lower altitudes at Magra and deodar, banj oak and rhododendron forest with Moru oak at higher altitudes.

What is so special at Devalsari?
Devalsari is home to array of biodiversity. Find out more here....

Where to stay
Deidar Ecotourism and Research Center at Udalsu

How to get there
55 kilometers from Mussoorie by road. From Mussoorie, drive 15 km to Suwakholi on the Dhanaulti road. From Suwakholi, take the left turn to Magra and Rautu ki beli, and then onwards to Thatyud. From Thatyud, Devalsari is 13 km. Shared taxis and private vehciles ply on this route.

Arun Prasad Gaur, President, Devalsari Environment Protection and Technology Development Society
arunapis1@gmail.com, +91 8650645385, +91 9557613851

Visit the Devalsari website at www.devalsari.org




Bangsil nala at Devalsari

Devalsari forest

View of Nag Tibba