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What is so special at Devalsari?

Devalsari is home to an array of biodiversity.

Mammals: Leopard, Barking Deer, Giant Red Flying Squirrel, Himalayan Water Shrew, Goral, WIld Pig, Black Bear, Otters...all this and more can be seen here.

Birds: Special birds that can be seen here are Chukar Partridge, Striated Laughingthrush,
Spot-winged Grosbeak, Black-faced Warbler, Whiskered Yuhina, Golden Bush Robin, Mrs Gould's Sunbird, Fire-tailed Sunbird and lots more...

Butterflies: Some of butterfly specilaties are Siren, Brown Argus, Jewel Fiverring, Sately Nawab, Western Courtier, Fawn Hairstreak, Wonderful Hairstreak, Golden Emperor, Silver Hairstreak and Albocerulean amongst others...

Best time to visit for trekking: March to July, September to December
Best time for birds: October to May
Best time for butterflies: April to October

Ecotourism and conservation at Devalsari
The Devalsari Environment Protection and Technology Development Society promotes ecotourism and conservation at Devalsari. The main aim of the society is to promote village linked livelihoods while conserving the area's natural resources and retaining its traditional and cultural practices. Tourism, bee-keeping, organic food production...all of this is part of the Society's objectives.

Visit the Devalsari website at www.devalsari.org




Stately Nawab

Spot-winged Grosbeak

Giant Red Flying Squirrel