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Created by Yash Sondhi


The home of the "Achik Mande" or the "hill people" as the Garos call themselves. Cascading hill forests, the whoops of the Hoolock Gibbons in the distance, the smell of fresh elephant dung on the ground, the musical chirps of the Olive Bulbul, and the ever-alluring butterflies. Come, experience all this and more in the Garo Hills.... 

Meghalaya, the Abode of the Clouds beckons....


What is so special in the Garo Hills ?

Bird specialities: Olive Bulbul, Black Baza, Pied Falconet, Eastern Crowned Warbler, Grey-throated Babbler, Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker, White-hooded Babbler, White-tailed Blue Robin, Daurian Redstart and many more!

Butterfly specialities: Yellow Flat, Zigzag Flat ,Branded Straw Ace,  Crenulate Mottle, Broadtail Royal,Silver Royal, Double-tufted Royal, Aberrant Oakblue, Bifid Plushplue,  Branded Yamfly, Banded and Red-tailed Marquis, Marbled Map, Spotted Sailer, Grey Baron, Grey-tipped Baron, Yellow Kaiser, Four and Five-bar Swordtails, and many more exquisite sightings. 

Using the information from the surveys Titli Trust has published a book titled "Butterflies of the Garo Hills" to assist lepidoptera tourism at Garo. Proceeds from this book support eco-tourism at Garo hills.


Amphibian specialities: Garo Bush Frog, Garo Hills Toad, Garo Hills Caecelian (all endemics) 

Reptile specialities: Green Cat Snake, Chinese Rat Snake, Tokay Gecko, Garo Hills Bent-toed Gecko, Blue-throated Lizard, Khasi Hills Long-tailed Lizard and many more.

Come and visit...you won't regret it.....