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Titli Trust supports butterfly and moth tours at Eaglenest WLS in order to support the local community to earn
 from eco-tourism and thereby, incentivizing conservation.

Come explore the butterflies and moths at the intriguing wildlife sanctuary of Eaglenest, one of India's top bio-diversity sites.

Search for the elusive Bhutan Glory Bhutanitis lidderdalii. September is the peak flight season for the Bhutan Glory at Eaglenest.

Come, search for the Ludlow's Bhutan Glory Bhutanitis ludlowi. This butterfly was previously known only from a single location in Bhutan. Last year, this species was recorded at Eaglenest in September, making this the second known location for this species worldwide.

See other spectacular butterflies like the Bi-color Commodore,, White  and Yellow Owl, Blue Forester, Columbine, French and Blue Duke amongst many others! Learn about the spectacular moths of the area-hundreds of species will be seen .

About the camp site
The campsite, called Lama camp,  is at the outskirts of the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in the community protected forest of the Bugun tribe. The location is best known for the discovery of the Bugun Liocichla , the first new bird species to be discovered on mainland India in more than 50 years.

Contact details
If you would like to visit Eaglenest for a butterfly and moth tour, write into
sanjay.sondhi1@gmail.com  at Titli Trust or

Indi Glow at phuarung@gmail.com   at Phuarung Birding Tours.

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